TFTSP: Submit Clean Documents

Posted on: September 2, 2022

Tips from the Slush Pile: Make sure you are submitting a clean document, with no comments or edits left visible. I’ve mentioned this before. I’m telling you again. Why? Because the Slush Pile is open this week. There are currently 200 manuscripts in there, waiting to be evaluated. You want to put your best foot forward, right? Improve your chances of getting pulled from the slush? If I open your attached manuscript and find that 90% of the entire page is red with editing marks, I WILL START SEEING RED.
Sure, I can download the file and turn off all tracking but if I have to do that to make your manuscript READABLE, that puts you at a disadvantage. Some documents I cannot download and make this change. In this case, I feel like Alan Turing trying to decipher your actual writing. DO NOT MAKE ME DECODE YOUR STORY.
My time is valuable and there are 200 other manuscripts waiting.
Make it easy on me so I love it and want to keep reading.
(I apologize for yelling. I’m gonna eat some chocolate and then get back to the slush. Seriously…90% of the page! Y’all are lucky I love my job and I know I’ll find some amazing stories in here.)
Photo from Divazus Fabric Store on Unslash.

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