TFTSP: Comp Titles

Posted on: December 6, 2023

Tips From the Slush Pile!
When including comp titles, make sure they are actually a good comparison to your story. (Because that’s what “comps” mean.) For instance, if you have an adult Historical Fiction and both of your comp titles are solidly in the Middle Grade Fantasy section, then perhaps you should find something closer to your book’s age range and genre. Using comp titles that don’t fit your book runs the risk of setting reader expectations that you don’t fulfill, thus disappointing the agent or publisher you’ve submitted to.
If you are *really* set on using certain comps, then get more specific on how they are relevant. You could say “in a similar humorous style as…” or “packed with action like…” so that these are much more appropriate selections to include in your query letter.
Photo by Gowtham AGM on Unsplash

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