Superstitions: An Anthology

Tales From The Mountain

From abandoned mines and forgotten trails, to Native American ruins and an apple orchard, the Superstition Mountains are full of history and intrigue.

Forming the eastern border of Arizona’s Valley of the Sun, the Superstitions have not only been an incredible source of beauty and outdoor adventure, but also a place riddled with superstition and mystery.

To this day treasure hunters scour the mountains for gold. They research old landmarks and maps along with clues from generations past.

This anthology is comprised of such superstitions, some familiar and some new, tales from the mountains, of Apache warriors, wizards, and ancient gods, of golems, ghosts, and the undead. Featuring works from Gini Koch, Steve Ruskin, DJ Butler, Chris Abela, Karen Pellett, DT Read, Jace Killan, Nate Givens, Jen Hutchins, Jessica Guernsey, Tanya Hales, Leah Moyes, and John D Payne.

Featuring my story, FALL FOR ME, features the legend of the Peralta Stones.

The book is available for purchase wherever you prefer to buy books.

Release Date: April 24th, 2021

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