Particular Passages: Closed for the Season

The winter can be long, cold, and hard. Even the holidays can be terrible.

Then, there comes a time of year when some places are no longer used.

No longer needed.

No longer wanted.

It's the coldest part of the year, in nearly every sense.

It is when a lot of the world is...

Closed for the Season.

Sometimes people go into those places anyway.

Dare you follow them?

Stories by:

Lee F. Patrick, Rob Nisbet, Ross Baxter, D.H. Aire, Eve Morton, James Burt, Jerri Moyes, Wade Hunter, R.C. Mulhare, Kay Hanifen, Brian MacDonald, Alicia Cay, Nathan Carson, Kelly Piner, Jodi Rizzotto, Jessica Guernsey, Stacey Dighton. Edited by Sam Knight.

My story: ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER features a heart-broken woman trying to find her new normal with her brother at a closed B&B only to awaken a ghost looking for his own resolution.

Release Date: November 1st, 2023

Available Here