Particular Passages cover

Particular Passages

15 Stories, 15 Authors

Down a forgotten hallway lie rooms no one has entered. Each room contains a world waiting to be explored. Some beautiful and full of wonder, other dark and full of terrors. You won’t know which until you step inside.

So take a deep breath, and open the door…

Featuring works by Elmdea Adams, Jen Bair, David Boop, J.T. Evans, Todd Fahnestock, Arlen Feldman, Shannon Fox, Jessica Guernsey, Sam Knight, Chris Mandeville, Kim May, John D. Payne, Wayland Smith, Stephannie Tallent, and Marie Whittaker.

The cover features 15 keys, inspired by the different stories. My key is the pirate piece of eight as my story, SABBATH, Is a slightly extended retelling of the pirate story by the same name in X Marks The Spot, inspired by the life of my ancestor, the real pirate captain, Pious John Watling.

Release Date: March 23rd, 2021

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