The thing about mermaids is, they have a tail problem.
It seems they either want to get rid of their tail so they can walk on land,
Or they want to get their tail back, having somehow lost it so they could be on land.
Or they fell in love with someone who doesn't have a tail...
It never seems to end.
All we know for sure is that it's a problem...
And that there's always a tale.

19 Tales About Mermaids and Their Tails.
Featuring stories by:
Matthew F. Amati—Bridget Day—Read Gallo—Nick Clements—Brian MacDonald —Craig Crawford—S. R. Brandt —Jessica Guernsey—Ken Poyner—Alexandra Angeloch—Carolyn Ivy Stein—Barton Paul Levenson—Melody Bowles—Adrienne Wood—Julie McNeely-Kirwan—R.S. Nevil—Eve Morton—Lisa Trefsger—James Fitzsimmons—Edited by Sam Knight

My story, ADAPT, was inspired by a news article from NASA about plumes of water seen shooting from Jupiter's ice moon, Europa. And where there's water, there must be mermaids.

Release Date: September 30th, 2022

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