Grimm Ever After: A Collection of Urban Fantasy Fairy Tales

A Grimm Ever After is a collection of sixteen authors who took beloved classic tales from two notorious brothers and threw them into today's world. From Little Red Riding hood prowling the streets of New York, to the Handless Maiden being a hard hitting detective, to the Six Swans becoming pigeons, these stories create an adventure filled urban fantasy anthology.

This collection includes stories from: Anika Arrington, Melinda Carroll, Al Chamberlain, Pam Eaton, Jessica Guernsey, D. Ogden Huff, Jean Lambert, Erin Mindes, Stephanie Ann Morris, Ruth Nickle, L.M. Ontiveros, Alli Riggs, Skye Rosey, Amy L.L. Standage, Jeanna Mason Stay, and Kate Stradling.

If you like fast-pace, action-packed, urban fantasies that have a dash of romance thrown in, then you'll love these sixteen short stories from the authors of the American Night Writers Association.

My story, FAILED EVER AFTER, is based on the fairy tale "the Handless Maiden." But Cora, Grimm Agent and police consultant, refused to finish her fairy tale. With hands that are immune to magic and someone stealing magic all over the city, does she get a her Happily Ever After?

Release Date: September 21st, 2022

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