Abandoned: An Anthology of Vacant Spaces

Abandoned places can be intriguing, creepy, and forsaken, but are they always empty?

In this fourth anthology in the Legion of Dorks presents series, fifteen authors poke around in vacant places and let us see what turns up.

You’ll discover:
· the wreckage of an enormous, ancient, alien craft and what it hides
· a young woman looking for a shopkeeper, but who runs into a genie instead
· an old researcher who travels to a hidden island
· an AI satellite that rebels against its programming
· a dragonling that threatens the safety of a kingdom
· and so much more.

These books are put together with love and a generous heart as a way to give back. So, 50 percent of the profit goes to charity. Pick up your copy today and join the adventure while supporting children in need.

My story, POWERLESS, follows an experimental electrical engineer as she'd brought in to examine a craft that crashed hundreds of years ago. And somehow turn the power back on.

Release Date: December 13th, 2022

Available Here